Saturday, January 12, 2008

ACL Surgery

Well, after five years I finally went and had my knee repaired. I wasn't able to speak with the doctor too much afterwards to find out exactly what was done, but what I found out from Ana and Mom is that the ACL was completely torn and the meniscus was pretty much destroyed. But everything is great now and I should be up and running after three months and could play within six months. Mom has been nice enough to come down for a week or two and help take care of me. With Ana in school it would be kind of hard without her. Anyways, the pictures are just to the right. Maybe Terra and Josh could describe the procedure a little better.
Anyways, love you all and hope everyone is great.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Shane--that's too bad.

Anonymous said...

Always knew you had the knee of an 80 year old! HaHa! Glad its finally fixed wish we were there to help ya. Love Terra and Josh

Sidra said...

Over the past two decades, significant strides have been achieved in ACL reconstructions. No longer is and ACL injury considered a career ending injury. Now, ACL reconstructions have progressed to allow most of the surgery to be performed arthroscopically with a return to sport activity within six to nine months.
However, surgery does not come without its complications. Anterior knee pain associated with patella tracking issues, knee swelling, stiffness, and even arthritis can all be potential complications. In addition, a small percentage of those that undergo ACL reconstruction have their reconstructions fail. List of Hospitals in Thailand for ACL reconstruction