Monday, November 12, 2007

Go Cougars

Every year, I try to take the kids to a couple of games. Thanks to some generous bosses and a little bit of luck, we were able to attend the BYU basketball and BYU football game this past week.
Wednesday I took Kenny and Abbi to see the BYU Cougars in their final exhibition game of the year. I had first planned to go to the football game the following night with Kenny, but because Vanessa had Young Women's some changes had to be made and Kenny was nice enough to switch days with her. We got there right before tipoff and within 15 minutes I was in line buying treats. By the time I got back, the Cougars were up by 10 and Abbi was dancing on her chair. She must have done a good job because within minutes Cosmo was by her side. He gave high fives to both the kids and finally we were able to sit down and watch the game. Both Kenny and Abbi had a great time eating, dancing, and yelling; maybe next time they'll watch the game!
Vanessa and I went to the football game the following day but, before arriving at the stadium I decided to take her out for a little bite to eat. We didn't have much time so we hit Burger King. I enjoyed sitting with her and just talking. We had to park about a mile from the stadium, but that made for a great walk as we were able to continue our conversation and get psyched for the game. By the time we reached the stadium fans were everywhere and TCU had just kicked off. We reached our seats just us Harvey Unga plunged into the endzone to give BYU a 7-0 lead.
BYU ended up winning both of the games and, while we had a great time, I must admit that I kept thinking that our outings might be some of the lasts that I will enjoy with my kids. As corny as it sounds, I couldn't get out of my head the fact that, sooner or later, Kenny isn't going to laugh while I pick my nose on the giant screen and Vanessa isn't going to want to hold hands with me as we walk down the street or allow me to carry her piggyback down the stairs. I made the most of the nights--hangin' out my babies--who, except for Abbi, aren't going to be babies much longer.

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