Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Latest Update

Another week has passed and with it, the passing of another year. That's right--this week I celebrated my 37th B-day. Of course, when you are this old the celebrations aren't like they used to be. We did spend a nice night eating some perfectly seared steaks off the grill and throwing the ball around in the backyard.

Speaking of which, Kenny is currently on a two game hitting streak and is 6-6 in those last two games. However, his team did lose last game and the opposition was led by, as Kenny swears, "an eight year old who shaves every day!" Here are some more pictures:

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Baseball Update

Kenny played in his second game of the year today and while he didn't do quite as well as last week (he struck at three times), he played well in the field and the team ended up winning 20 - 6. His team is now 2-0 and looking good. I finally took some pictures and have included them in this post. Hope you enjoy.

Kenny on deck

Waiting for the pitch

Taking a cut

Kenny playing second

Kenny stopping a grounder

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kenny's Baptism

As many of you know, Kenny recently turned eight years old and yesterday was his baptism. He was pretty excited most of the day and the nerves hit right before we started the meeting. But once we sat down and listened to Mom's and Dusty's talks, we both calmed down a little. He was smiling (which isn't rare for Kenny) as we walked down into the font. Of course, I couldn't remember the prayer and even forgot to say his name, but once I said it correctly he went down in one try. The confirmation was great and Barton, Dusty, Jack, and Randy were all there to stand in, along with the entire bishopric. Lots of the family came: Barton and Mom, Randy and Kari and family, Dusty and Tara and family, Jack and Nan (we invited Stacey and Will who couldn't be there but Jack and Nan did come with with two of Stacey's kids--Dream and Zion--so that was good), and Josh and Reyna's family. Frisco's best friend came with his mom and sisters as well. I must say that we have a great ward as two representatives from the primary, all the bishopric, the wife of the second counselor in the Elders Quorum, and my home teaching companion and his family were all there--even though we didn't invite them (something I am very embarrassed about). Afterwards, we came home and had a barbeque while everyone sat around at talked. It's always great to have everyone all together and see all the cousins with eachother, but this time it was special because it rarely happens at our house. Ana did a great job preparing for everyone and we are thankful for everyone's help with food and clean-up. Overall, the day was fantastic!

Kenny's First Baseball Game

Well, as much as I complained about it before, you would never guess that I had a great time at Kenny's first baseball game. Because I am such a bad parent, I didn't have the camera with me so I can't include any pictures. I will download some this week and show them to you. Anyway, Kenny got a hit in his first at bat and ended up getting an assist from center field when he threw out a player stretching a double. In his second at bat he went up with loaded bases. Before he walked to the bat I told him to just try to power it, so he went up swingin' hard. Unfortunately, he didn't make contact but he had some good swings. His team, the Nationals, ended up winning 9-2. Kenny loved it and we are looking forward to a fun season.