Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Because I am the king of procrastination, our Sunday was a little busier than it should have been. We woke up early and Ana started to fill the 140 eggs that we were taking over to Dusty's for the Easter egg hunt that afternoon. Once she finished those, she decided that we needed to dye eggs as well, so we did another dozen. That made over 150 eggs! Add all the eggs that Dusty had plus those of his neighbor and we probably had around 350 eggs. There were eggs everywhere! The kids had a great time and it was the first year that Abbi understood what was going on.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visit with President Gonzalez

We had stake conference the other week and the presiding officer was my first mission president (for those who don't know, my mission was split into North and South after my first year) who now serves in the Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy, Walter Gonzalez. It was great to see him and Hma. Gonzalez again and I could not believe that nearly 20 years has passed. We were able to speak with him a while and grab this picture. Of course, in his speech he emphasized communication and, what else, missionary work (we were the top baptizing mission in the world.) Also, in three weeks I have the reunion with the guys from the North Mission and President Johnson, who also serves in the Quorum of the Seventy. He's also the one who crashed into a cow because he was in a hurry to meet with me after I may an unauthorized trip to the coast (oops!) I'm sure he is just as anxious to see me now and hopefully no cows stand in his way. I can't wait to see all the guys again!

UVU Kicks the Puck Out of BYU

All right, so maybe the pun in the title is a little vulgar, but no one ever reads this thing anyway. Ana went to her first hockey game with me the other night and watched Utah Valley take it to BYU. Start time for the game was 8:30 so we only got to watch the first 2 periods, but by that time UVU was up 6-2 and the game was way out of reach. The arena was packed with fellow Wolverines, so much so that the Fire Marshall threatened to shut it down a couple times and the game was delayed. For one night it was great to wear my UVU hoodie and belittle all the little BYU zoobies.