Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kenny's Game

Well, here is a little clip of Kenny playing today. In the first few seconds, you see him making a run, controlling the ball, and drawing the foul. He was pretty mad that he didn't get the chance to take the penalty, but his teammate does a good job with it and almost puts it in. Next, Kenny wins the ball in midfield and puts a move on one defender only to get it stolen by another. Finally, you see Kenny making a run down the sideline and trying to bump a player off only to get put on his A, well, on his bum. Not everything ends up the way that you design it- haha. Anyway, after watching the film, he had a really good game and I am proud of him. We tried to keep his team young so they can all stay together next year. They took a beating in some games but came away with a semi-respectable 3- 7 record, not too bad for being so much younger than most of the other teams. This was his last game of the fall season but his team is set to play some indoor this winter so look for some more videos.

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