Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Soccer Update

Vanessa's Celtic Storm played a friendly against the Timpview High Soph/Freshman squad and came away with a 2-1 victory. I was really excited for this game--probably more so than for any other this season as it was an opportunity to see the girls matched up against some older and more experienced players. Storm really dominated play in the first half and maintained pressure in both the defensive and offensive thirds. Vanessa made some good runs, but didn't put one in the back of the net; however, she did pressure the defender, win the ball in the left corner of the 20, and passed back to Mariah who put a beautiful shot into the upper right corner. Mariah came back shortly later and scored another as she controled a lose ball in the middle of the field about 25 meters out and finished with another beautiful goal. But that wasn't all the scoring for her. Timpview got their only goal of the match when Mariah tried to clear a ball on the defensive end and accidentally scored an own-goal.
I was really impressed with the overall performance that Vanessa gave. She played a little more physical in the second half (I only got to watch 15 minutes of the second half but from what I saw she did well.) Since joining Storm, she has really improved and plays with a lot more agression and confidence. I can't wait until next year when she can tryout for the highschool squad.

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