Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lindon Days 5K

I've talked about doing it for a couple years and on Saturday I finally did it--I ran my first 5K. Dusty, who has been running pretty regularly for the past couple of years, told me about the Lindon Days 5K and convinced me to register. I didn't come away with a trophy, a medal, or even a ribbon, but I did beat my personal best by close to four minutes with a time of 27:24 and finished fourth in my age group (35-40). Everyone else did awesome as Dust finished second in the 30 - 34 group (somewhere around 19 minutes), Derek, Emi, and Hailey all finished first in their respective divisions, Frisco finished third in the Fun Run 1/2 Mile for boys 10-11, and Vanessa finished second overall in the Fun Run 1/2 Mile.
In retrospect, we had a great day and plan on doing these runs a little more often. We're even considering going down to Bryce Canyon with Dusty next summer and running the Bryce Canyon half marathon. I know that Lance has been running alot and hope that he can get the time off work to go, too. Let us know if anyone else is interested.

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