Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ana in New York

I have to admit--I'm not the best when it comes to giving gifts. As many of you know, if I draw your name for Christmas, you usually don't see a present until Easter! But this year I decided to go out of the way for Ana and, for Mother's Day, I bought her a ticket to New York. With her Mom now living there along with her best friends and cousins, I thought she would have a great time. Well she's been there a week and apparently I finally got it right. While she has missed me and the kids, I believe she has had a great time visiting with everyone. She has gone to all the major stores including those on 5th Ave., the giant toy store where they filmed the movie Big, Macys (which she says is two full-city blocks), and Victoria Secrets (no complaints here.) Since some of her friends live in New Jersey, she also went there. She comes home on Thursday and hopefully will bring some pictures back with her that I can post on here.

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