Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vanessa's First Year of Beehive Ball

Vanessa official entered the world of Young Women this week when she played her first two basketball games. It was just how I always remembered it--girls sliding across the floor, double-dribbles, and little 12 year-olds trying to live up to the demands of the 17 year-old Laurels. Of course, these were the first two games of any type of organzied basketball Vanessa has ever played but, and maybe this is the voice of a proud father, she has played pretty well. Her first game was Thursday and she didn't do too much, but before her game today I pulled her aside and went over some of the basics. She dribbled more, had some steals, and even had a good drive (she missed the layup, however.) I have been designated as coach and after losing the first game on Thursday pretty soundly, we came back today and won by about 5. For some of those girls, I think it was the first time that they have ever won anything--they were thrilled. With it all said and done, Ness had a great time and is looking forward to playing some more.

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