Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Up until a few years ago, I never cared much for Halloween and I never--ever--dressed up. I'm not sure what happened, but now I think Halloween rocks!

Of course, one that that has made it so much fun for me is a tradition that I implemented last year. Every Halloween, I get to walk Vanessa to class. As all of you parents know, nothing is more rewarding than embarrassing your child! This year, I even went to Ana's class and embarrassed her at UVU. Then I headed down to Kari's office to see if I could get hired on as a substitute music teacher (I still can't believe they don't let you guys dress up.)
Of course, the fact that we all have fun with it at work really helps. This year, we had a little pot luck lunch. I made a pot of chili, Shannon made some cheesy potato soup, Marlene(the nurse) brought some bread bowls, and Dave (Papa Smurf) asked his wife to make some of her delicious bread sticks. While we missed Hi-D (sick) and Brady (vacation), we still had a great time.
I don't even mind walking for miles trick-or-treating with the kids. This year was Abi's first real time trick-or-treating and she cashed in on it big time. They all started early, about 4:00 in the afternoon, this year and they didn't tire until 9:00 at night. Frisco veered off with his friends around 7:00 and ended up spending the night with a buddy, while we took the rest of the kids over to Dusty's neighborhood where they knocked doors until their knuckles swelled. And that isn't even the best part: Ana decided to buy a huge bag of candy to hand out to trick-or-treaters. The only problem is that we have never, and I literally mean never, had a trick-or-treater at our house. Even though she dumped about half the bag in a bowl and left it on the porch, we still didn't have any takers. So I came home and emptied that baby in my bag. But like I was saying, we headed over to Dusty's house with some chili, ate dinner, and played RockBand all night. It was pretty fun.


Randy and Kari said...

Too fun!! You looked so good! The kids are great too! Sounds like you all had a great night!

The Potters 3 said...

Oh Shane I love love love Halloween!!! It makes it that much more fun if you get to embarass the kiddies too! You look awesome! Great costume! Its so funny to see "Brother Larsen" as papa smurf! Clever!

Chapmans23 said...

Shane I love your costume for this year and last year, you go all out, and it sounds like you have so much fun doing it. My kids would have killed me if I would have embarassed them like that. Good for you. Your kids are all so good looking and growing up so fast.