Friday, July 11, 2008

4th of July

We had a great time on the 4th this year. Kari gave us a call and invited us boating in the morning. The day was perfect for it and the kids made the most of it. Vanessa and Ana both got up on the knee board and Kenny held on to the tube for dear life as Frisco nearly flopped out numerous times--smiling throughout it all. Abbi liked to sit on the swim deck and kick her feet in the water. She did get in the tube once, but didn't last very long. She is definitely more into looks than action.
We had planned to go to Dusty's afterwards but we stayed too long. In fact, we were an hour late getting over to Josh and Renyna's for dinner. Once we got there, however, we were not dissappointed. Josh and Reyna make a delicious carne asada! Throw in the rice, salads, and fruit and we had quite the meal. The kids love to go over there so they can play with Jaxon. I think Kenny likes it because he can be the bigger cousin for once. Abbi just walks around with Pixie, Reyna's little chiuaua (how do you spell chiuaua, anyways?), hugging and kissing it as she chokes it to death. Anything else would probably attack her, but that dog just sees her coming and its as if that puppy were struck with the fear of God. She starts to shake and I swear her lip starts to shiver and she just knows what is coming.
Because we missed Dusty's on the 4th, we headed over there on Saturday. Dust brought me into the house and showed me the Holy Grail of video games--Rockband. We played that thing for 5 hours straight (Dusty had to get to Metallica!) Luckily, Dusty is a legit "Guitar Hero" and Hay tore up the drums, while Tara, Ana, and I took turns singing and playing bass. Things got a little intense during Ballroom Blitz and some of the others. By the end of the night, it felt like we had thrown a huge rock concert--I was beat! Of course, we didn't get our fix and had to return the next day to finish up. We took some pictures and I'll have to post them later.
All in all, it was a fun holiday.

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