Sunday, March 9, 2008

UVU Kicks the Puck Out of BYU

All right, so maybe the pun in the title is a little vulgar, but no one ever reads this thing anyway. Ana went to her first hockey game with me the other night and watched Utah Valley take it to BYU. Start time for the game was 8:30 so we only got to watch the first 2 periods, but by that time UVU was up 6-2 and the game was way out of reach. The arena was packed with fellow Wolverines, so much so that the Fire Marshall threatened to shut it down a couple times and the game was delayed. For one night it was great to wear my UVU hoodie and belittle all the little BYU zoobies.

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WilliquetteFamily said...

So did she like the hockey game?? We've seen fresno play salt lake and its always fun!